Drinkfinity – Special Water Drink As Energizing Juice Pods

Drinkfinity is an item that employs an impressive “pod” packaging and delivery method to turn 20 ounces of simple h2o into various flavored beverages.

About Drinkfinity

Drinkfinity, situated in Miami, Florida, can be a PepsiCo undertaking that has been presented vast autonomy by its mother or father corporation for its exploration and growth. The final result is a company that sells compact pods stuffed with both soaked and dry substances which can be extra to h2o to create a range of beverages. The company also markets a objective-created twenty-oz. Apparent plastic water bottle with a specialized cap that’s intended to in shape its pods.

Offers which are available in groups of four pods, all of only one taste, and range in value from $five.00 to $6.fifty. The Drinkfinity beverage vessel is $twenty, which includes its built-in pod piercing cap. Customers should buy substitution piercers for $5 apiece.

How Drinkfinity Will work

Every of Infinity’s spherical pod is made up of both equally dry and wet ingredients inside it, divided by interior packaging. Users location just one of those pods on Infinity’s water bottle and thrust it in the cap, which quickly pierces the pod and will allow each the soaked and dry elements to mix inside the h2o bottle. Users then shake the bottle To combine the components nicely ahead of consuming.


There is a selection of various Drinkfinity pod flavors, all of which have unique components. These flavors are as follows:

  1. Mandarin Orange Demand
  2. Acai Demand
  3. Coconut H2o Watermelon Renew
  4. White Peach Chill
  5. Lemon Spirulina Move
  6. Elderflower Chill
  7. Grapefruit Ginger Stream
  8. Pomegranate Ginger Move
  9. Berryville Chill
  10. Pineapple Coconut Drinking water Renew
  11. Oatberry Flow
  12. Mango Chia Flow
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Apart from the fruit and berry flavors, each pod might also involve ingredients for example guarana, environmentally friendly coffee bean extract, electrolytes, chia seeds, vitamins C and E, or oats and fiber.

Drinkfinity pods are recyclable, as Drinkfinity has partnered with Loop Industries’ recycle application. This permits consumers to mail around thirty empty pods at any given time to Loop, cost-free, for recycling into PET plastic which can then be made use of to make new Drinkfinity pods in the future. The Drinkfinity beverage vessel is made out of reusable, recyclable BPA-free of charge plastic.

Is Drinkfinity Best for you?

Drinkfinity has numerous marketing details for individuals who want to minimize their contribution to the amount of plastic squanders getting created each day. The usage of a refillable, reusable beverage container gets rid of the necessity of shopping for 20-ounce All set-to-drink plastic beverage bottles, the scale of pods, on the whole, implies that the amount of greenhouse gases expended in providing these beverages is way lesser, along with the pods by themselves use 65% a lot less plastic to manufacture than an average twenty-ounce bottle.

All this apart, the wide array of flavors that Drinkfinity delivers usually means that there is probably going to be no less than 1 or 2 flavors that you just may come across palatable. With the extra wellness-supporting components in lots of-offense flavors, like nutritional vitamins and electrolytes, Drinkfinity is a good idea for anybody who’s health and fitness-mindful or on the very minimum concerned with what they set into their bodies.

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Rewards And Unwanted side effects of Drinkfinity

Price tag-efficiency is 1 benefit of using Drinkfinity about obtaining twenty-ounce Prepared-to-drink beverages dependent. With Every single bundle that contains four pods, and every bundle costing concerning $five and $6.50, Therefore selling price per twenty-ounce drink is between $1.twenty five and $1.sixty three. This likely decreases than what you’ll shell out for a similar sized to consume at a supermarket or usefulness keep, all though offering a wider number of flavors.

The one downside is this does have to have you to get a $20 beverage container so that you can use these pods properly. Eventually, nonetheless, and with repeated use, this container will purchase by itself before long ample. Incorporate this with The point that people can avail themselves of cost-free recycling for as much as 30 pods at a time and there’s not Substantially to like Regarding Drinkfinity.

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